“The righteous shall flourish…
like a cedar in Lebanon” (Psalm 92:12)


The righteous shall flourish…

like a cedar in Lebanon” (Psalm 92:12)

Hello there, I’m Bill Daniels.  Hey I am so delighted you have found us!

I am a man joyfully given to the Lord and His work for many decades now, as pastor, youth leader, and author.  My purpose is to find and feed the Lord’s sheep, leading them to good growth in wisdom through His eternal words.

Many years ago I was saved through faith in Jesus Christ, finding eternal life in Him.  Oh thank you Lord!  How did He save my sinful, troubled soul?  Through reading His words, the Bible, and through the writings of those who explained to me the meaning of the Bible.  Therefore my effort over the years has been to do the same, to explain as simply and effectively as I can what the Lord has spoken to us in His marvelous Book of books, and to encourage all to hear and believe His truth.  I have written many small booklets on various Bible subjects, some of which can be found under the Articles section.  Some of these we have distributed by the hundreds of thousands to the people of South Africa.  By this means we found many who were hungry for more, for greater understanding.  Therefore we began to develop our Reading Companion series to help in that great work to which our Lord has called us, to “feed My sheep”. 

Oh may the Lord of glory be pleased to continue to use my life to this end, even perhaps to help you find the blessing of true wisdom.




Now for the more discerning soul who might be wondering where this author stands regarding biblical views, let me give something of that to you right up front.

I believe the Bible was given by inspiration of God. It does not just contain the word of God, it IS the word of God.

I believe Jesus Christ is not only the Son of God, but God the Son.

I believe we are meant to read and understand the Bible according to a normal, more literal method of interpretation. I deny and despise the common allegorical interpretive approach of the Amillennial and Post-Millennial crowd.

I am Pre-Millennial, being quite convinced that Jesus will return to this earth to establish His 1000-year earthly kingdom, as the prophets have clearly spoken.

I am Pre-Tribulational, believing that Jesus will take His true church of all believers to Himself before the world falls to 7 years of judgment leading up to His return to earth.

I believe in the importance of clinging to sound doctrine, that we are foolish to forsake God’s truth, to in any way compromise with evil or error, in pursuit of some false notion of peace.

I am a non-charismatic, non-Calvinistic, non-KJV-only seeker after truth, in a world full of voices clamouring for our attention, when only one voice really matters.

May the only true and living God tune our hearts to hear and understand His words above all else.

In His Love,
Bill Daniels