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Who We Are

Who We Are



Our Focus

Our focus is personal discipleship—living life as a learner of and follower of Jesus Christ in our daily walk. Oswald Chambers says “discipleship means personal passionate devotion to a person – our Lord Jesus Christ.”

Target audience -- All who want to grow in their relationship with the Lord, including:

Seekers – those who may or may not have a relationship with Christ but are wondering if He can make a difference in their life. They may have heard about God and while not committed to Him want to explore if He has something to help them in their life journey.

Strugglers – those who have a relationship with God but are struggling to see that relationship make a difference in how they live; Those who find themselves consistently taking one step forward and three steps backward.

Stuck – those who follow Christ but have areas in their life where they are stuck. Those trying to overcome a persistent habit that does not honor God. Those dealing with an area of unforgiveness they need help to overcome. They love the lord but have problems they need to work through.

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Wisdom from the word is a  501(c)3 non profit  organization dedicated to bring god’s word to bear on every situation we face in life to allow him to direct, equip and empower us to walk in his will. We would welcome your suppoer.

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